Rocky Mountain Club B5

Rocky Mountain Club B5 (RMCB5) is the premier Volkswagen and Audi Enthusiast Club in the Rocky Mountain Region. We have members from Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Montana and Arizona. Offering information on maintenance, mechanics, modifications, parts and service as well as descriptive how-to's, a photo gallery and much much more. Rocky Mountain Club B5 welcomes any auto enthusiast though the collective knowledge is primarily focused around the Audi and Volkswagen brands.

Where does the name come from? Our roots are in the B5 Platform Volkswagen Passat built from 1997 until 2005. Rocky Mountain Club B5 was created as way for regional owners from (formerly could get together and interact at a more local level.

Founded in 2002 Rocky Mountain Club B5 has witnessed the growth of the local enthusiast community as well as many new members each year. While the cars may change, the people are what makes this club one of the most respected in the region.

News and Events

Founded in 2002 Rocky Mountain Club B5 still has good technical information for owners of the B5 platform VW Passat (1997.5 - 2005).

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